VINX news


How does video transfers on a 1Gb network sound? Are you looking for a high end AV Over IP solution for Sports Bars, Digital Signage or Video Walls? Then Lightware has the product for you. Lightware introduces the new Video Network Extender: VINX!

Specifically designed for 1 Gb Networks, this AV Over IP based VINX encoder/decoder extender pair has a huge load of advantageous features and services which will definitely get the job done while saving installation time and making life easier for the installer.

VINX can operate in properly set Unicast and Multicast environments too. For quick channel selection the units have physical DIP switches on front, so pairing them in a network could not be easier. The extenders include our Advanced EDID Management system and are capable of scaling the video signal to 1080i output, though up to 4K UHD @ 30 Hz resolutions are managed as well. The built-in USB ports support KVM function and can also handle USB mass storage.

We have also developed a Video Wall Wizard, which makes installing a video wall a quick and easy process without the need of adjusting, cropping and scaling for the screens individually.

Find out more and learn the feature set that VINX offers: