AV has always relied its fundaments on IT technology, especially since digital signal management prevailed, and the future path is definitely determined by Networked AV aka AV Over IP routing methods.


Uncompressed Signal Management Over IP


Lightware’s Ultra Bandwidth Extender, the UBEX is a new, optical solution, which allows 4K UHD@60Hz 4:4:4 uncompressed signal extension without latency, operating using a packet-based transmission instead of the conventional method.

User-installable Optical Modules


The device has standard, certified 10 Gbps SFP+ optical modules, which are plug and play and interchangeable by the user. Either duplex multimode/singlemode modules (one fiber for each direction per 10 Gbps link) or bi-directional singlemode modules (one fiber for both direction per 10 Gbps link) can be installed.

Variable Extension Distances

The maximum reachable distance is 400 m with multimode modules (OM4), and 10 km with short range singlemode modules, or 80 km with long range singlemode modules.

Virtually Unlimited Scalability

One of the primary advantages of the new architecture is scalability. By using standard Ethernet switches as virtual crosspoint for UBEX devices, an unlimited size virtual matrix can be built, where the crosspoint size is only limited by the size of the switch used. Also an advantage of the virtual matrix architecture is that the virtual matrix can be even extremely asymmetrical with one UBEX on one, and potentially several hundred UBEX units at the other end of the virtual crosspoint.

Traditional Point-to-Point Extension and Transceiver mode

Point-to-Point Extension

UBEX can operate as a traditional point-point extender too, with reliable optical extension linking directly to the UBEX device in receiver mode. The UBEX device can operate as transmitter, receiver or transceiver as well.

Various Control Options

UBEX can be controlled via its built-in website, over RS232, Ethernet and it also has a color graphic display on its front, with a push-dial button for easy direct device management.

Add-on Modules

UBEX is available with numerous add-ons, providing audio breakaway signal management, IR, RS232 and Gigabit Ethernet control and also USB KVM.