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EDID Manager V4

HDCP compatible HDMI/DVI EDID Emulator and cable extender with USB control

Part No: 9133 0001


Highlight features

  • Advanced EDID Management – with 79 EDID memories
  • HDCP enable and disable function
  • Fixes EDID and keeps the source's output continuously active
  • USB control – user programmable resolutions

Lightware's EDID Manager V4 is an HDMI/DVI EDID emulator and repeater that can store 79 EDIDs. It emulates and keeps a fixed EDID for the source. Thanks to our Advanced EDID Management, the device can trick the DVI source (PC computer, laptop, etc.) by emulating any DVI display (LCD monitor, projector) for continuous video output - even if the AV system is disconnected or powered down. In emulating an EDID, the user can set up any DVI or HDMI output resolution, regardless of the used projector or monitor. This ensures that the overall system resolution can be controlled. EDID memories 01 to 49 are factory preset and memories 51 to 79 are user programmable. Memory 00 is transparent which means that the attached display device's EDID (monitor or projector) will be reported back to the source. In this mode the unit works as a simple repeater. The EDID Manager automatically compensates for up to 60 meters of DVI copper cable at 22AWG.

HDCP enable/disable function turns off the unit's HDCP capability. Some computers choose to encrypt their output even when non-protected content is displayed, such as desktop images or presentations. This function forces the source to send an unencrypted signal if the content itself is also unprotected. It therefore helps technicians to integrate such laptops into a non-HDCP AV environment.

With the Easy EDID Creator (PC software) the users can create their own EDID by completing four simple steps. More experienced users can use the Advanced EDID Editor software to manage every possible setting in the EDID, which they can upload to the memory of the EDID Manager.


  • Rental and staging
  • Post production studios
  • Control room
  • Digital Signage
  • Multiroom video
  • Conference rooms, collaborative telepresence


  • HDCP compliant
  • HDCP enable/disable function
  • 79 EDID memories 29 of them user programmable
  • Up to 60 meters cable loss compensation at Input
  • Keeps source's HDMI or DVI output continuously active
  • Signal detection, source detection and monitor detection LEDs
  • USB control
  • Locking DC connector
Video bandwidth: 2.25 Gbps
Resolution: any DVI Single-Link
Input cable equalization: Automatic adaptive, +40 dB max
EDID memory: 79 EDID
Programmable EDID memory: 29 EDID
EDID support: 256 byte Extended EDID
HDCP pass through: yes
Power: universal power adaptor, DC 5V 2.5 A
Power consumption: 1.4 W (typ) 2 W (max)
Enclosure: 1 mm metal
Dimensions: 102.4 W x 70.6 D x 27 H mm
Weight: 225 g
Compliance: CE
Warranty: 3 years


Input / Output: 29 pole DVI-D connector (digital only)
USB: mini USB-B female connector
Power: locking DC connector (2.5 / 5.5 mm)

Using EDID Manager V4 step by step

The EDID Manager V4 is a tool for system integrators and installers to guarantee a constant output and a fixed resolution from the source.

EDID, 'The Passport of the display provides information for the source about a display's capabilities. In larger and more complex systems, the communication can be disrupted causing loss of signal and, with multiple resolution displays and sources, invalid transmissions can be sent to certain displays. The EDID Manager V4 gives you control of your system and prevents these issues.

How to operate it?
Step 1: Simply put the EDID Manager V4 in line directly after your source and before your AV system. Step 2: Set and fix your chosen EDID/resolution using our simple rotary switches.
Step 3: Power on your source. Step 4: The EDID Manager V4 fixes EDID and keeps PC output continuously live.


Advanced EDID Editor software

Experienced users can use the Advanced EDID Editor software in the Lightware Device Controller software to manage every possible setting in the EDID, which they can upload to the memory of the EDID Manager V4. Advanced EDID Editor software

Users can create custom pixel resolution and aspect ratio video signals for example 1440x1440, used in video wall applications.   In HDMI system, users can define the speakers and audio channels.
EDID Manager V4 handles 256 byte E-EDID and CEA formats as well as 128 byte EDID.   EDID operations can be easily done between the EDID lists. The EDID can be saved in .dat, .bin or even .edid file formats which complies to Vista X20 controller.


HDCP enable/disable function
Some computer sources choose to encrypt their output with HDCP no matter what content is being shown. For example, you are working with non-HDCP content on non-HDCP displays. If you connect an HDCP compliant product onto the output of your source, say a matrix switch, the signal becomes encrypted and you receive no picture.   Our HDCP disable function ensures we are seen as a non-HDCP device to the source and therefore no encryption is attempted. Protected content like BluRay will not be displayed and HDCP encrypted signals will be not unencrypted, thus maintaining the rules set by the HDCP standard. To switch between the two functions, simply set the rotary switch to MEM01 and push the learn button. You should now see the changed Status LED and your EDID manager, and more importantly, the system itself, will work exactly as expected.

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Stand alone diagram

Locking DC plug

twist 90° clockwise to lock

Supplied accessory


Universal DC adaptor
Wall power adaptor with interchangeable plug for international use.
Universal input:
100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz

5 V DC, 2.5 A

Optional accessory

PSUx10-200-5V and PSUx20-400-5V



Rack mountable power supply unit for Lightware products.





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