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Long distance DVI signal extender over single CATx cable

Highlight features

  • DVI and HDMI extension supporting 3D and 4K up to 180 m distance
  • Extends DVI or HDMI + Ethernet + RS-232 + IR over one CAT5e...CAT7e cable
  • 10/100 Ethernet transmission
  • Bi-directional RS-232 and IR
  • HDCP compliant, CEC, EDID transparent


Lightware DVI-HDCP-TPS-TX90 and DVI-HDCP-TPS-RX90 twisted pair extenders provide extension of uncompressed Full-HD video for extreme distances over a single CAT cable. The unit offers bi-directional RS-232, IR, and Ethernet pass-through all on the same CAT5e...CAT7e cable that carries the video signal. The TPS extenders support full HDCP and EDID compliance and works at all standard AV resolutions handling all standard audio formats as well as 120 Hz 3D signals.

Remote powering is available through the single CAT5e...CAT7e cable, but a local power supply can also be used. All devices can be mounted on a rack shelf or used standalone formats.



  • Post production studios
  • Control room
  • Digital Signage
  • Multiroom video
  • Conference rooms, collaborative telepresence



  • DVI and HDMI extension over a single CAT5e...CAT7e cable
  • Two available firmware versions to maximize potential cable length
  • 10/100 Ethernet extension
  • Bi-directional RS-232 pass-through
  • Bi-directional IR pass-through
  • Supports all DVI resolutions up to 1080p or 1920x1200
  • Supports all HDMI 1.4 resolutions, 3D video signals as well
  • Remote powered through CAT5e...CAT7e cable
  • HDCP compliant
  • Compatible with 120 Hz 3D video signals
  • Uncompressed video/audio up to 4.95 Gbps
  • Live, Link detection, Video and HDCP detection LEDs
  • Rack mounting options
  • Locking DC connector

Data rate: 4.95 Gbps (1.65 Gbps per color)
Resolution: up to 1080p (HDTV) or 1920 x 1200
Equalization: adaptive, automatic
EDID support: transparent
HDCP pass-through: yes
Ethernet pass-through: yes
RS-232 pass-through: yes
IR pass-through: yes
Overall signal delay: 10μs (including 100m CATx cable)
Power: universal power adaptor, DC 12 V 2.5 A
Power consumption (-TX): 3.6 W (typ) 4.2 W (max)
Power consumption (-RX): 5.3 W (typ) 6.1 W (max)
Enclosure: 1 mm metal
Dimensions: 100.4 W x 100.4 D x 26 H mm
Net weight: 340 g / product
Compliance: CE
Warranty: 3 years

TX input, RX output: DVI connector
TX output, RX input: RJ45 (TPS interface)
Ethernet: RJ45
IR in, out: 3.5 mm TRS connector (1/8'' mini-jack)
Serial port: 9-pole D-sub
Power: locking DC connector (2.1 / 5.5 mm)

Max cable lengths with the available firmware versions
Resolution Pixel clock rate Cable type: CAT5e Cable type: CAT7e
1024x768@60Hz 65 MHz 100m / 160 m* 120m / 180 m*
1280x720p@60Hz 73,84 MHz 100m / 160 m* 120m / 180 m*
1920x1080i@60Hz 74,25 MHz 100m / 160 m* 120m / 180 m*
1280x1024@60Hz 108 MHz 100m / 160 m* 120m / 180 m*
1920x1080p@60Hz 148,5 MHz 100m / 150 m* 120m / 170 m*
1920x1200@60Hz 152,9 MHz 100m / NA* 120m / NA*
1600x1200@60Hz 162 MHz 100m / NA* 120m / NA*

*with long reach firmware option. Long reach firmware supports pixel clock frequencies up to 148,5 MHz.

product brief front view
back view cad drawing


Standalone diagram


Locking DC plug

twist 90° clockwise to lock

Supplied accessory

Universal DC adaptor

Wall power adaptor with  interchangeable plug for international use.



IR transmitter-receiver pair

Supplied transmitter and receiver unit for IR extension.

Optional accessories

Under desk mounting kit

The UD-kit makes a single device easy to mount on any flat surface (e.g. furniture).

Under desk mounting kit double

The UD-kit double makes it easy to mount multiple devices on any flat surface (e.g. furniture).

Rack shelf

1U high rack shelf provides mounting holes for fastening four quarter-rack sized units. Pocket sized devices can also be fastened on the shelf.



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