MX Series frames
   MX Series I/O boards   Standalone matrices

Route DVI, HDMI, TPS, TP or OPT signals from multiple sources to multiple destinations with MX series frames, supporting configurations from 8x8 to 80x80


Input and output boards for MX series frames with several interface types like Single-Link or Dual-Link DVI, HDMI, twisted pair or fiber optics


Route DVI or HDMI signals from multiple sources to multiple destinations with compact matrices up to 16x16 ports

 Signal extenders
 Distribution amplifiers & Interfaces

Transmit video signals over twisted pair or fiber optical cables for medium or long distance


Distribute various video signals to multiple outputs with signal regeneration

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Supplementary components for our products

 25G HYBRID frames & Media layers  25G HYBRID I/O boards  MODEX

25G frame

25G Hybrid Signal Management introduces a completely new concept to the AV industry   IO-boards I/O boards for 25G Hybrid frames with different signal type and connector options   modex_thumb More than 5000 extender variations with 3D and 4K video resolution over a single fiber or CAT cable


Networked AV 

  UBEX front back axo red 1


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