TPS input board for HDMI, Ethernet, audio and control


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  • HDMI extension supporting 3D and 4K
  • Accepts HDMI + Ethernet + RS-232 over one CAT5/6/7 cable up to 180m distance
  • HDMI 1.4; DVI and HDCP compliant
  • 4K, UHD, 2560 x 1600, HD video resolutions and all 3D formats are supported
  • 10/100 Ethernet transmission
  • Supports all HDMI audio formats
  • Digital or analog audio option card


MX-TPS-IB is an 8 channel twisted pair input board providing HDMI 1.4, audio, Ethernet and RS-232 extension on a single CAT5/6/7 cable up to 100m in HDBaseTâ„¢ and 180m distance in Long reach mode (maximal resolution is Full HD 1080p in Long reach mode). Resolutions up to 4K and 48-bit color depth are handled with all standard audio formats as well as 120Hz 3D signals. The board offers bi-directional RS-232 and Ethernet transmission (each board has a 10/100 uplink connector for the Ethernet network connection) and remote powering option for the TPS extenders. The input board is available with audio option connectors: digital S/PDIF or analog stereo connectors are available for advanced audio functions (HDMI embedded audio signals are managed by the board). The MX-TPS-IB without the digital or analog audio option also handles HDMI embedded audio. Advanced professional functions such as HDCP enable/disable mode, Pixel Accurate Reclocking, Advanced EDID Management and Frame Detector are integrated providing the highest level of setup and usage. The board is compatible with deep color, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio and features PCM audio sample rate conversion.


Digital S/PDIF audio option:

  • S/PDIF breakout for every port
  • Bi-directional configurable S/PDIF connectors:
    audio can be de-embedded from the HDMI signals or
    audio can be embedded (or replaced) to the HDMI signal


Analog stereo audio option:

  • Bi-directional configurable analog stereo port with 5 pole Phoenix connector
  • Stereo PCM audio up to 96 kHz can be de-embedded from the HDMI signals
  • Digitalized audio (PCM 48 kHz) can be embedded (or replaced) to the HDMI signal


HDCP compliancy: yes
Max resolution: up to 4096x2160
3D signal compatibility: frame packing, side-by-side, top-bottom
Input connectors: RJ45, S/PDIF, PHOENIX
Power consumption (3.3 V) -IB & -IB-S: 2,9A typ., 6,7A max.
Power consumption (3.3 V) -IB-A: 3,3A typ., 7,1A max.
Power consumption (5 V) -IB & -IB-S: 5A typ., 6,9A max.
Power consumption (5 V) -IB-A: 5A typ., 6,9A max.
Calculated AC Power (W) -IB & -IB-S: 35W typ., 51,6W max.
Calculated AC Power (W) -IB-A: 36W typ., 53W max.
Heat dissipation (BTU) -IB & -IB-S: 119,42 typ., 176 max.
Heat dissipation (BTU) -IB-A: 122,83 typ., 180,84 max.
Weight MX-TPS-IB: 875 g
Weight MX-TPS-IB-S: 980 g
Weight MX-TPS-IB-A: 945 g

Max cable lengths with the available firmware versions
Resolution Pixel clock rate Cable type: CAT5e Cable type: CAT7e
1024x768@60Hz 65 MHz 100m / 160 m* 120m / 180 m*
1280x720p@60Hz 73,84 MHz 100m / 160 m* 120m / 180 m*
1920x1080i@60Hz 74,25 MHz 100m / 160 m* 120m / 180 m*
1280x1024@60Hz 108 MHz 100m / 160 m* 120m / 180 m*
1920x1080p@60Hz 148,5 MHz 100m / 150 m* 120m / 170 m*
1920x1200@60Hz 152,9 MHz 100m / NA* 120m / NA*
1600x1200@60Hz 162 MHz 100m / NA* 120m / NA*
2560x1600@60Hz 268,3 MHz 70 m / NA* 80 m / NA*
1920x1080@120Hz 297 MHz 70 m / NA* 80 m / NA*
3840x2160@30Hz UHD 297 MHz 70 m / NA* 80 m / NA*
4096x2160@30Hz 4K 297 MHz 70 m / NA* 80 m / NA*

product brief  

Optional accessory

Power supply with IEC plug for 12V remote powering function. Universal input: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz. Output: 12 V DC, 6.67 A.


Port diagrams