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What is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, Direct View LED arrays, blended projection screens, Laser Phosphor Displays, and rear projection cubes.

Screens specifically designed for use in video walls usually have narrow bezels in order to minimize mullion, the gap between active display areas, and are built with long-term serviceability in mind. Such screens often contain the hardware necessary to stack similar screens together, along with connections to daisy chain power, video, and command signals between screens. A command signal, for example, may power all screens in the video wall on or off, or calibrate the brightness of a single screen after bulb replacement.
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Did You Know?

Video Walls are not just for digital signage — they are perfect solutions for displaying impactful graphics and tremendous amounts of data. Video Walls are an indispensable requirement for many control room applications including energy operations, telecommunications, emergency operations, health care facalities, utilities management, process control and transportation.

Depending on the application, many video walls (especially in digital signage) do not need a technician or operator for it to be in use. In other applications, such as control rooms, video walls are used for sensitive content and are frequently considered "mission critical". Whether your application is continually running digital signage or a is set up in a mission critical control room, the most important thing to consider is using reliable technology to maintain video wall success.

Pro AV Video Wall Features

  • High performance
  • 24/7 reliability
  • Versatility
  • Easy to maintain
  • Superior long-life performance
  • Future-proof technology
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Lightware Features


  • MX-CPU2 processor board
  • Frame Detector for Input signal analysis on any port
  • Advanced error handling and logging with time code
  • Combine non-HDCP and HDCP capable I/O boards in the same frame
  • Front panel USB control
  • Front panel buttons and 4 line LCD menu
  • TCP/IP Ethernet (multiple connections)
  • Built-in website (multiple access)
  • Compatible with all MX-.. and MXD-.. I/O boards
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • HDCP compliant and HDCP Key Counter
  • Optional redundant power supplies
  • Hybrid Modular and Cross Platform technology
  • RS-232 / RS-422

The Lightware Video Wall Difference

  • Big Data - We provide actual cable diagnostic information.
  • Zero latency and zero compression.
  • No frame buffering / no out of sync audio.
  • Professional EDID Management.
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