Control Over Fiber

RS-232 control commands over fiber

Lightware Hybrid Modular Matrix system provides easy interfacing of RS-232 control commands for devices at remote endpoints through bidirectional RS-232 ports on the matrix I/O boards (MX-HDMI-OPT-IB and MX-HDMI-OPT-OB), transmitters and receivers. The desired application (e.g. control system, touch screen) sends and receives short RS-232 control commands directly from the far endpoints. The commands are sent out directly from the far endpoints independently on each optical port over the same fiber cable, used by the video/audio transmission so that no additional cable is required for system control.

Home cinema application

The RS-232 control command is transmitted from the touch control to the projector through the matrix and the receiver on a single fiber which also transmits the video and audio. The touch screen can control the matrix as well to operate different I/O switches, changes, etc.

Conference room application

Both professional sources and displays can be controlled through the fiber AV network. The touch screen control sends a “presentation starting” command to the control system, which adjusts the lighting and shutters, turns on the projector and switches the crosspoint’s output to the lectern laptop.

Control system connection

The control system connects to the Lightware crosspoint on one LAN connection to access all RS-232 remote ports. Control commands can only sent to and received from the matrix on the LAN connection by the control system.

The baud rate can be 9600, 19200, 36800, 57600. There is one stop bit and no parity bit covering all consumer devices on the market to be suitable for the communication. The control protocol has two different methods for sending and receiving RS-232 data from or to the frame: ASCII mode could be used only with human readable characters while binary mode can handle any data.

Maximum 54 byte data can be sent/received at once, so it is not possible to e.g. transfer files or do firmware upgrades via the router. It is also important, that the control interfaces on the router (USB, IP and RS-232) have 57600 bit/sec maximum bandwidth; therefore heavy traffic should be avoided.

For further information about the methods, setup and regulations please see the user manual.

Compatible products

RS-232/422 Baud rate: Selectable baud rate (9600, 19200, 36800, 57600)(default:57600)
Sent/received data throughput: Maximum 54 byte
Maximum bandwidth: 57600 bit/sec (RS-232, IP and USB control altogether)

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