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HDMI optical output board including 4K, 3D and Deep Color with reclocking function

Part No: 9113 0030 (LC), 9113 0031 (ST), 9113 0032 (SC), 9113 0033 (NT)


  • Built-in HDMI to fiber converter
  • Selectable connectors: Neutrik OpticalCON, -LC, -SC, -ST
  • Four status LEDs per port: receiver detect, signal detect, HDCP enabled, Laser active
  • No video compression
  • Zero frame delay
  • Extension distance: 2500 m (up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz), 1100m (4096 x 2048 @ 30Hz)
  • HDMI 1.4a; DVI and HDCP compliant
  • 4K x 2K @ 30 Hz, 1080p @ 120 Hz, 2560 x 1600, 2048 x 2048, HD video resolutions and all 3D formats are supported
  • 36-bit deep color support
  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Advanced EDID Management and Frame Detector
  • Pixel Accurate Reclocking
  • Built-in test pattern generator
  • One bi-directional RS-232 channel per port


MX-HDMI-3D-OB-R is an 8 channel multimode optical output board providing HDMI 1.4, audio and RS-232 extension over a single multimode fiber up to 2500m distance. Pixel Accurate Reclocking, HDCP compliance and HDMI to DVI conversion are all incorporated. Resolutions up to 4K and 36-bit color depth are handled with all standard audio formats as well as 120Hz 3D signals.

Along the video and audio extension the unit provides a bi-directional RS-232 option for remote controlling external devices like projectors or professional media players.

The video signals with the HDCP, EDID handshaking data and the RS-232 channel traffic are performed over one Multimode fiber utilizing our Single Fiber Technology. The board is compatible with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio while Pixel Accurate Reclocking, Advanced EDID Management, Frame detector and built-in test pattern generator are integrated providing the highest level of setup and usage. The board is available with Neutrik OpticalCON, -LC, -SC or -ST connectors.

Compatible products
DVI-OPT-RX110 (DVI only, without HDCP and RS-232) HDMI-OPT-RX200R (up to 1080p60 36bpp)
DVI-OPT-RX220-Pro (DVI only, without HDCP and RS-232) HDMI-3D-OPT-RX150RA (up to 4K)
HDMI-OPT-RX100 (up to 1080p60 36bpp, without RS-232) MX-HDMI-OPT-IB (up to 4K)
HDMI-OPT-RX100R (up to 1080p60 36bpp) 25G-MX-HDMI-OPT-IB (up to 4K)


HDCP compliancy: Yes
RS232 passthrough: 9600-N-1, 19200-N-1, 38400-N-1, 57600-N-1, 115200-N-1 (max. 60 bytes/message)
3D signal compatibility: Frame packing, side-by-side, top-bottom
Power consumption (3.3 V)
(all connector type):
1.4 A (typ.), 1.5 A (max.)
Power consumption (5 V)
(all connector type):
0.9 A (typ.), 1.5 A (max.)
Calculated AC Power (W)
(all connector type):
9.2 (typ.), 12.5 (max.)
Heat dissipation (BTU)
(all connector type):
32 (typ.), 43 (max.)
Weight MX-HDMI-OPT-OB-R: 1350 g (LC, SC, ST) 1500 g (NT)
Output connectors: LC, NT, SC, ST
Optical wavelengths: 778 nm, 800nm, 825nm, 850nm, 911nm, 980nm

Maximum extension distances
  OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4
  (62.5/125) (50/125) (50/125) (50/125)
1920x1080p@60Hz 24 bpp 250 m 600 m 1200 m 2500 m
1920x1080p@60Hz 36 bpp 150 m 400 m 800 m 1300 m
4096x2048@30Hz 24bpp Not supported 350 m 700 m 1100 m

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