Lightware USA FAQ


How do I purchase Lightware products?
 Lightware USA operates under a direct to dealer model which allows us to provide the highest possible quality pre- and post-sale support with direct relationships with our customers. That means if you are an integrator or rental and staging company you can call and buy from us direct. If you are an end user give us a call so we can answer all of your questions and help find a dealer near you. Contact a representive to learn more.


How do I find out about Lightware pricing?

Please contact one of our Lightware USA sales representatives direclty to receive up-to-date pricing on specific Lightware products.


Why should I use Lightware products?
In one word, reliability. Lightware products are just the best products in their class, hands down. If reliable and quality are important to your video system, then you need to take a closer look at Lightware USA.


What companies use Lightware products?
There is a long list of companies that use Lightware solutions. The top rental and staging companies in the business doing the largest corporate and entertainment events and tours such as Brittney Spears, Cirque Du Soliel and CES keynote rooms. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL as well as collegiate teams use Lightware as a critical component to their large format LED video wall systems in stadiums. Fortune 500 corporations like Google, Honeywell, NIKE, Microsoft, Apple, Accenture and many more all choose Lightware for its reliable performance, low cost of ownership and product longevity. The top AV Integrators in the US choose Lightware because of the product lines high quality, reliability, ease of use and experienced direct support. AV consultants and system designers pick Lightware for its vast product line that gives them solutions they need and the peace of mind they get knowing their designs will be installed without issue.


I want to speck-in Lightware to my project. What are the next steps? 
Contact Lightware USA directly so one our experienced team members can give you assistance in product selection for your system design.


Is there any support documentation? 
Support documentation is provided on the specific product page. Please visit our website


My Lightware product is not working and I need to send it back for service.

Please contact our service team direclty. You can also reach them through email:


I need to update my EDID software with my Lightware device.

You can download the latest version of the Lightware Device Controller software at


I’m not getting a signal with my Lightware device. 
Follow this three step process.
Step 1: Verify all products in your signal chain are properly powered up.
Step 2: Verify all cables in the signal chain are properly seated.
Step 3: Verify that all sources are powered on and outputting signals. Verify all destination devices are powered up and are on the correct inputs.

Still having trouble? Please contact Lightware USA support or you can email support direclty: