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Fully configurable matrix switcher frames supporting DVI 1.0 and HDMI 1.3 for multiroom, medical and home cinema applications

MX-DVI-FR16, MX-DVI-FR32, MX-DVI-FR32R, MX-FR80R are the highest performance modular expandable DVI 1.0 and HDMI 1.3 compliant matrix switchers that offer up to 80 inputs and up to 80 outputs in four different frame sizes. The built-in sophisticated software and hardware features make the router most flexible and integrated solution for AV professionals and high-end home theatre applications.

Field-upgradeable modular design:

Due to their truly modular design, MX-DVI-FR16, MX-DVI-FR32, MX-DVI-FR32R and MX-FR80R can be customized in different I/O sizes from 8x8 to up to 80x80. Each Input and Output board contains 8 channels,except for the Dual Link DVI I/O boards, which have 4 channels per board.

Non-blocking topology:

Any input can be tied to any or all outputs without limitations. One source can be viewed on multiple destination at the same time. The number of crosspoints is not limited by any factor. Crosspoint switching is done instantly without any frame delay or frame latency.

Hybrid architecture:

Any type of input signal (fiber optical, DVI, HDMI or Cat5..Cat7) can be tied to any type of output connector (fiber optical, DVI, HDMI or Cat5..Cat7).

Cross-platform design:

Various combination of I/O boards can be used in the same frame at the same time. The matrix frame provides interoperability between different types of boards.

Redundant power supplies:

MX-DVI-FR32R and MX-FR80R are equipped with N+1 redundant power supplies to ensure continuous 24/7 operation. In case of power supply failure, the supplies can be hot swapped.

Control options:

Front panel buttons; RS-232 / RS-422; TCP/IP Ethernet; Built-in website. All frames are Vista Spyder and Barco Encore compatible.

Frame-dependent specifications:

I/O sizes: 8x8 to 80x80
Rack height: 15U
Dimensions with rack mounting ears: 482Wx665Hx302D mm
Dimensions without rack mounting ears: 440Wx665Hx302D mm
Net weight¹: 25 kg
Power consumption²: 120W
Number of power supplies: 3
Power supply hot swappable: Yes
Cooling: forced convection, 10 pcs. 119x119x25 mm fans
1: with CPU board, power supplies and without I/O boards
2: with CPU board and without I/O boards

Specifications for all frames
Advanced EDID Management  
EDID memory: 50 factory preset and 50 user programmable
EDID emulation: 256-byte Extended EDID v1.3
Front panel buttons: Yes
Front panel LCD: Yes
RS-232/422: 9600 Baud Rx, Tx
LAN: Ethernet 10Base-t or 100Base-TX (Auto-sensing)
WEB: Built-in website
Temperature: 0°C to +50°C operational
-40°C to +70°C storage
Humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Altitude: 2000m operational
EMI/EMC compliance: Yes, EN 55022 Class B
RoHS compliance: Yes
Warranty: 3 years

product brief cad drawing
front view back view
axonometric bootloader
 MX Controller demo

Router frame: MX-DVI-FR32R (click to enlarge)
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Modular Hybrid Concept

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